Monday, 14 April 2008

Yet another Cape Verdean star

How is it that Cape Verde, a tiny archipelago of islands off the west African coast, keeps producing such amazing (female) singers? Following in the wake of Cesaria Evora, Lura and Sara Tavares comes Mayra Andrade, who has just won the Radio 3 World Music Newcomer Award for 2008. 

Andrade was actually born in Cuba and has lived in Senegal, Angola and Germany, as well as Cape Verde, and is now based in Paris. Not surprisingly, the music on her debut album, Navega, is a rich mix of African, European and Brazilian influences. 

As this extract from a recent interview (conducted in French, and mixed with concert footage) shows, as well as being a hugely talented singer and songwriter, Mayra Andrade is also utterly charming:


For the complete interview, follow this link to the artist's website.

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