Saturday 27 June 2009

Women and the Iranian uprising

A couple of articles that undermine the image of women as simply passive victims of oppression in Iran:

Tracy Clark-Flory on the long history of Iranian women's political involvement and resistance to the regime: 'Hell hath no fury like three decades of women scorned.'

And Azadeh Moaveni writes that 'to anyone who has lived in Iran in recent years, women's fierceness in the face of authority is not particularly new.'

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Unknown said...

Women face real challenges in Iran, as they have for decades. Yet it is perhaps more important to realize how great their capacity is to solve their own challenges – and Iran’s. A prescient 2006 report from The Institute for Inclusive Security traces the history of Iranian funding their own empowerment, working with civil society groups, and organizing workshops and educational programs. Its key finding? “The struggle for women’s rights is fully intertwined with the larger struggle for democracy.”