Friday 16 April 2010

Britain: brilliant, not broken

As we were waiting for our luggage at Heathrow on Wednesday morning, I thought I glimpsed a familiar, goateed figure slipping through Customs, head down and collar turned up, trying hard not to be recognised, his trolley being pushed by an Air Canada employee.

I was fairly sure it was Eddie Izzard, but others in my party weren’t convinced – or impressed: my son spotted La Roux in the same place last year, a much more memorable sighting in his opinion. Now I’m persuaded I was right, since Izzard has tweeted about a recent appearance on CBC’s The Hour, promoting his forthcoming Canadian tour.

If it was Eddie, then his flight - like ours - must have been one of the last to land before UK airspace went into lockdown. I'm glad he made it, otherwise we might have been deprived of his new election broadcast for Labour. After Gordon's turgid performance last night, Izzard's video has cheered me up no end. With its reminder of the fundamental moral divide between the parties, I hope it attracts a wide audience, especially among those tempted to think Cameron is some kind of born-again social democrat - rather than, as Eddie reminds us, one of Thatcher's children, in a new suit.

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