Wednesday, 2 June 2010

More flotilla reflections

Here are a few more flotilla-related reflections - all of them broadly sympathetic to Israel, but by no means uncritically so. In the immediate aftermath of the tragedy, it seemed important to link to pro-Israeli voices, since these were getting silenced by the general clamour of online outrage. (Part of the massive PR disaster of this event for Israel was the result of a strange delay in providing a convincing official explanation for what happened.) Now that the dust has settled, more critical evaluations can emerge. One of the things that shocked and saddened me most over the past day has been the lack of willingness - among governments, media outlets, 'progressive' commentators - to give credence to pro-Israeli positions, and a preparedness among many of the same people to take the supposedly 'humanitarian' and 'peace-loving' nature of the flotilla at face value.

Update: more recommendations

Chas on the flotilla incident as Israel's history in microcosm

The New Centrist on the real purpose behind the 'peace' flotilla

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Minnie said...

Thank you for these, Martin. The truth will out.
Andrew Bolt's piece in DTel today was worth reading, also.