Thursday 28 June 2007

Remembering a socialist hero

I conceive a millenium on earth - a millenium not of riches, nor of mechanical facilities, nor of intellectual facilities, nor absolutely of immunity from disease, nor absolutely of immunity from pain; but a time when men and women from all over the earth shall ascend and enter into relation with their bodies - shall attain freedom and joy....

Of that which exists in the Soul, political freedom and institutions of equality, and so forth, are but the shadows (necessarily thrown); and Democracy in States and Constitutions but the shadow of that which first expresses itself in the glance of the eye or the appearance of the skin...

The words of Edward Carpenter - poet, socialist, gay rights champion, pacifist, environmentalist - and Victorian - who died 78 years ago today (via Virtual Stoa's Dead Socialist Watch).

See here for more information Carpenter, his works and ideas.

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