Thursday 14 June 2007

Two new TV series with 'West Wing' connexions

Following on from these posts, it seems that the arrival of Aaron Sorkin's Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip on UK television may be a mere fortnight away. Getting reliable information from the Channel 4 website about anything other than Big Brother is extremely frustrating (try typing 'Studio 60' into their search box and you'll get zilch), but Wikipedia has the first episode airing on Saturday 30th June at 9 pm.

As mentioned before, the new programme will provide some consolation for grieving West Wing fans - not only is the show written by Sorkin, but it stars WW regulars Bradley Whitford and Timothy Busfield. There might be further cause for celebration in the UK debut of another US series, Brothers and Sisters, which features WW star Rob Lowe (alongside other star names such as Calista Flockhart and Sally Field) and also seems to have something of a political theme. And Sorkin aficionados will be pleased to see Patricia Wettig - 'Nancy' (and Timothy Busfield's 'husband') in Sorkin's much-missed '80s drama thirtysomething - making regular appearances. (Incidentally: it seems Wettig is married to Ken Olin, another thirtysomething veteran and occasional WW episode director - and apparently their son Cliff has written episodes for the series). Once again Wikipedia has the (seemingly reliable?) details: the first episode airs on Channel 4 (though another source says E4?) next Wednesday 20th June at 8.30 pm, with a second episode following at 10 after the ubiquitous Big Brother.

Watch this space for reviews.

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