Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Blogging obsessions

This conversation about blogging between Andrew Sullivan and Mark Ambinder is fascinating. I particularly like the bit towards the end when Andrew describes the neurotic compulsion to blog - and the difficulty - for his readers as well as himself - of taking a break. He mentions the time a couple of months back when regular readers grew anxious because no posts appeared on his site for a day or so - had Andrew died, was he ill, had he been fired? I have to confess: I was one of those readers, nervously checking in every few hours to see if he was back.

During this prolonged election period, looking in on The Daily Dish has become part of my daily (at times hourly) ritual, usually right after I check the New York Times site and the Huffington Post. Obsessive, moi? Sometimes I forget the transatlantic time delay and, around midday UK time, find myself silently willing Andrew to wake up and start typing (he usually does, quite early: today he was online at 7.18 am EST). 

As Andrew says, when this election is finally over, whatever the outcome, some of us are probably going to collapse with nervous exhaustion. Here's the video of the discussion:

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