Thursday, 22 October 2009

Beltway bound

Apologies for light posting lately: things have been rather hectic here at Margins Manor. And the scarcity of postings is about to get worse. We're off to Washington DC at the weekend for a spot of half-term sightseeing. Just our luck that our first day there will coincide with this event (but perhaps the President will emerge to cheer them on).

It's hard to believe that our last visit to the city was three presidents ago. This time we'll be staying in Georgetown, so you never know, we might run into a couple of the locals on M Street. Unfortunately, we haven't yet discovered any political events happening during our stay to match the star-studded panel discussion we attended in San Francisco a year ago. So if you live in the DC area and know of any lectures, seminars, book-signings next week that might appeal to a couple of visiting political obsessives, please let me know.

I will (of course) be providing a full account of our travels on our return at the end of next week.

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