Sunday 4 April 2010

Soon you'll be OK

Posting will be even more sparse than usual over the next week or so, as we're off to warmer climes, hoping to lay the ghosts of a difficult year.

I'll leave you with this from The Polyphonic Spree, which seems kind of appropriate as we head off for some solar therapy.

Happy Easter / Passover / Spring to you all.

(Incidentally, the person who posted the original clip describes it as 'the happiest video on Youtube', but that's not quite true. That would be this.)


Minnie said...

Dammit: too late for bon voyage-style wishes! Hope all going well & happily + that your Portuguese studies are paying off.

Martin said...

Not to worry, Minnie - I picked up your message while I was away (see next post but one). Thanks! Actually, we were in Miami, so I didn't need my limited Portuguese (that's for another trip - in the summer) - though a bit of Spanish might have been useful.

TNC said...

Hope you had a nice time!

Martin said...

Thanks! We did. But it's also good to be back - in time to witness the English spring.