Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Another turn of the screw

Been in a seminar since this morning so missed most of the electoral back-and-forth today. Only just emerged to catch up on frantic exchange of tweets. So, another turn of the screw: looks like the Lab-Lib talks might have come to nothing and the Lib-Con coalition is back on the cards. Journos expecting imminent important announcement (again).

If it's true, then Cameron will be kicking himself for giving away so much to the Lib Dems - including referendum on AV - just to stop them climbing into bed with Labour, when all he needed to do was sit tight and wait for the other parties to 'do the math', as they say across the water.

The longer this tortuous process goes on, the more Machiavellian my thinking becomes. Now I'm wondering whether Gordon's resignation and his behind-the-scenes chatting up the Libs was a cunning ploy to hobble the inevitable Lib-Con alliance. Will Dave ever be able to trust two-timing Nick again?

Still, whatever happens, at least Brown has finally been crowbarred out of the leadership and the way is clear for Labour to start afresh with new policies and a new team. David Miliband for leader and John Cruddas for deputy, anyone?

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