Monday, 31 May 2010

Gaza flotilla: some alternative views

The lack of comment on the Gaza flotilla incident from progressive pro-Israel voices has allowed knee-jerk anti-Zionists to dominate online reaction - well, Twitter, anyway. I guess most people are waiting for the dust to settle and the full story of this awful tragedy to emerge. It's almost certain to be less straightforward than the 'Israel-murders-harmless-aid-workers' narrative that's currently doing the rounds. In the meantime, here are some useful alternatives to the dominant narrative:


Minnie said...

Thank you so much, Martin - vitally important to know the facts. Thus far, looks like deliberate provocation + that unlovely form of attack using human shields as cover on the part of IHH.
Why isn't anybody asking about the choice of sea-borne cargo as opposed to via Egypt/Gaza border? Or am I being incredibly stupid (sadly, perfectly likely ...)?

Minnie said...

BICOM news item, dated 27/05 (see their site), relates how the Israeli govt announced it wouldn't permit the flotilla to dock on grounds of suspicion of provocation (at the least).
Blogger not allowing me to paste link in comments box - sorry.

Stuart said...

It really is a tsunami of global anti-Israeli negative press abounding online currently:

Israel and the Flotilla: What About the Bigger Picture?

Why Israel was correct in its action against the Freedom Flotilla

levi9909 said...

Useful? How are they useful? Israel has killed maybe ten unarmed people in international waters and the links you provide offer justification for Israel doing to internationals what it usually does to Palestinians or sometimes Lebanese, ie killing them. So what is the use of these defences of the racist war criminals of the State of Israel?

Actually you missed another link. Apparently the USA, in recognition of the fact that the racist war criminals of the State of Israel don't have a leg to stand on, has blocked UN calls for an independent investigation of Israel's action. Obama got his people at the UN to tell one of his "jokes" like the one about the paralympics or the one about the predator drones. No, that's not fair. It wasn't like those two. This one was funny. He wants Israel to lead the investigation into itself. Geddit? He's a helluva funny guy.

ModernityBlog said...

I finally posted, Martin.