Wednesday 4 April 2007

Religion and identity revisited

Further to this post on not privileging religion as the key feature of people's identities (especially if their affiliation is purely nominal or they do not regard themselves as particularly religious), see this speech by Mina Ahadi, reported on Maryam Namazie's blog. Here's a flavour:

I have lived in Germany for 11 years; I was first interviewed on stoning by national German TV seven years ago. When at home, I watched the interview and saw that they had introduced me as ‘Mina Ahadi, a Muslim woman’. I immediately called to complain. I asked if a German politician or spokesperson was interviewed on your TV programme, would you label her a ‘Christian woman’?


Governments compromise with Islamic groups – the German, British and European governments. They organise conferences with terrorist organisations about how to integrate people like us in society. When they label us as Muslims and put us all in one sack, they make the leaders of Islamic organisations our leaders and leave it up to them to ‘integrate us’.