Friday 7 December 2007


Last Friday saw yours truly being profiled by Norm. This week it's the turn of Paul Berger, who blogs at Englishman in New York, a blog that I read regularly with a mixture of pleasure and (as a confirmed NYophile) thinly-disguised envy. Mind you, any blog with a picture of NYC at the top of the page is OK by me (Paul's is of a subway train): especially views of the Manhattan skyline, like the one that adorns Snarksmith's excellent blog and used to be found atop New Centrist's site, before it was replaced with a more edible scene.

All this talk of New York, plus the fact that this week saw both the celebration of Hanukkah and the beginning of Advent, and it being a Friday, is excuse enough to feature this photo of the festive tree lights being switched on outside the Rockefeller Center a week or so ago (via the New York Times). I've only ever been to NYC in the summer and would love to be there right now. Happy Holidays.


Anonymous said...

Spring and Fall are my favorite times of year in NYC. I'm originally from California so the winters are bit bleak and the summers a tad muggy for me.

Next time you are planning on making it to NYC let me know. My wife and I would like to invite you over for dinner and drinks (if you drink).

--The New Centrist

Martin said...

Thank you for the kind invitation. Not sure when our next visit to NYC will be. We're hoping to visit San Francisco next year - we've never been to California - but haven't ruled out a short return trip to NYC.