Thursday, 6 December 2007

A small victory in the fight to repeal blasphemy laws

Christian Voice director Stephen Green got more than he bargained for when he tried to have the BBC prosecuted for blasphemy over their screening of Jerry Springer - The Opera. Not only has the High Court rejected this particular case, but judges have ruled that broadcasters and theatres staging live productions should be immune from prosecution for blasphemy.

So, a small victory for free speech and common sense. But it's not enough, of course. The implication of the ruling is that it's still possible for those working in other media - writers, print journalists, maybe even bloggers - to be charged under this law. In the words of Anna Fairclough, legal officer for Liberty: 'Today's ruling is a blow to bigotry. The obvious next step is to repeal this outdated offence.'

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Roland Dodds said...

Off topic, but I got a post on my blog recently that is from a “group” that apparently supports violence against teachers on my blog. It seems too stupid to be true, but there it is, and I think it should be something people see for themselves.