Friday, 25 January 2008

A marginal lead

Guardian music critic John L Waters praises new digital radio station theJazz here. But you read it here first - three weeks ago to be precise. Specifically:

Trying to find jazz on national radio used to feel like an obstacle course. (Waters)
As any British jazz fan will tell you, trying to find jazz on UK radio has been a pretty thankless task until recently. (Martin)

Of course, we had the false dawn of Jazz FM...In 2005, the station rebranded itself out of existence, and was profitably reinvented as Smooth FM. (Waters)
The first attempt at creating one was Jazz FM, but that..soon mutated into the bland Smooth FM. (Martin)

So is the difference between theJazz and Radio 3 analogous to that between Classic FM and, erm, Radio 3? (Waters)
I was tempted to snobbishly dismiss the new station as the jazz equivalent of the soporific Classic FM. (Martin)

However, there are signs that theJazz is broadening its base. (Waters)
But during the year things began to improve...the range of music played increased. (Martin)

Just goes to show that where the blogosphere boldly goes, the print media eventually follow.

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