Thursday 21 May 2009

Raindrops on roses, etc.

I've been tagged again. This time, Norm has challenged me to list seven things I love. Previous participants in the game have used up one of their choices on 'my family' or similar, but I'm going to cheat a little and take that as read. So here's my list, arranged in roughly the daily order in which they are experienced (on an ideal day, that is):

Reading in bed in the morning
The first coffee of the day
My MacBook
The piano
Summer evenings in the garden
Cool jazz
Glenlivet single malt whisky

Since most of the people I'd tag have already been approached, and I don't want to risk alienating those I've tagged before, I'm going to defy superstition and break the chain. 

1 comment:

TNC said...

Nice list. I tagged you too.