Friday 7 November 2008

Obama Santos story enters new phase

Via Huffington Post: a report that the authorities have acted swiftly to tighten security around the Obama family home. According to the Chicago Sun-Times: 'Hyde Park Blvd. next to the Obama family home is now closed for a block on either side of the house in addition to Obama's own street being closed off'. (Is that why you can't access 'street view' on Google Maps for the section of Hyde Park Boulevard closest to the Obama house, or am I just being paranoid?)

West Wing cognoscenti will remember that in the final season, following Matt Santos' victory in the presidential election, his wife initially insisted that she and the children would continue living in the family home in Houston. She changed her mind when security staff presented her with plans for securing their street, which included installing guard posts at either end. 

A lot of people have found their way to this blog in the last few days by googling 'Obama Santos' or similar, so to help them, here's a round-up of my posts on the many eerie similarities between the real-life and fictional presidential candidates (I'm sure it won't be the last one, as we look forward to the 8th season of The West Wing - sorry, the Obama presidency):

Looks like we have the next instalment already. Apparently Obama's chief-of-staff-to-be Rahm Emanuel was the inspiration for WW character Josh Lyman, who as everyone knows was appointed by Matt Santos as chief of staff (or 'the Leo role' as we Westwingers describe it) at the end of Season 7, having served as his campaign manager and before that as deputy chief of staff in the Bartlet White House.

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