Thursday, 23 July 2009

Kolakowski continued

A couple more Kolakowski-related recommendations:

Norm defends Marx against Oliver's Kolakowski-inspired dismissal of his legacy


Michael Weiss gives his own take on the Polish philosopher's spat with E.P.Thompson.

(Incidentally, I haven't looked in on Michael's blog for a while: I'd also recommend his recent posts on - inter alia - Kruschev, Byron and - going back a bit - the subversion of the UN Human Rights Council by the Organisation of the Islamic Conference.)


bob said...

Gosh Martin, you're blogging too much! I can't keep up! (And I've been accused of being too prolific...)

Martin said...

May be something to do with the fact that we're going to be away next week - trying to squeeze a week's blogging into a couple of days!

bob said...

I look forward to the rest ;)