Friday, 17 July 2009

Today in Tehran

It's not over.

Superb hour-by-hour coverage of today's events in Tehran can be found at Huffington Post, Raye Man Kojast?, Azarmehr's blog, and even the good old Guardian, which just this morning (print edition only) was being dismissive about 'Mousavi's green revolution that never was'.

On a darker note, and of relevance to this post about the misogyny and sexual violence of the Iranian regime: Shirin Sadeghi discusses unconfirmed reports that at least one young female protestor may have been brutally raped while in custody.

Meanwhile, Norm writes about rumours that western governments have given the green light to Israel for a military strike against Iran, in return for concessions on settlement policy. Whilst understanding the threat posed to Israel by a nuclear-armed Iran, I can't think of any action better designed to unite the divided Iranian people, bolster its reactionary regime, and turn the hostility of the world away from the ayatollahs and towards Israel and the west. May wiser counsels prevail.

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