Friday 10 July 2009

Something soulful for the weekend

Some Solomon Burke to see in the weekend. No particular reason, except that it's Friday afternoon, and this track has been going round in my head, ever since we watched the final episode of Season 3 of The Wire last week. It's played over a terrific montage of scenes that ties together the various narrative threads of the series.

We're now deeply into the boxed set of Season 4, which in my humble opinion is the best so far. So as not to spoil things for those of you watching the programme on BBC2, where Season 3 isn't due to end until next week, this particular video features a static backdrop. If you want to watch the original season finale, you can find it here.


bob said...

I just started Series 3. Fantastic. I'm trying to decide which "Down in the Hole" I like best.

Martin said...

At first I was disappointed that the Season 1 version - by the Blind Boys of Alabama, I think - wasn't used in later series, but you get used to the alternatives...the version used for Season 4, by a young Baltimore band, I think, is particularly good, and fits the theme of the series.