Monday, 6 July 2009

Stressed-out Sarah?

What to make of Sarah Palin's resignation? I'm no expert, but I tend to agree with those who see it as the expression of a sudden and impulsive desire to have done with politics, rather than some perverse repositioning strategy for 2012.

Watching the video of her resignation speech, it struck me that the poor woman might actually be mentally ill. Not 'nutty' or 'loopy', as Maureen Dowd suggests, but suffering from acute psychological distress. Just listen to those shallow gasps for breath, or try to follow the rambling logic of her peroration.

It's probably a good thing she's getting out, both for America's sake (thank God it was Obama and not Palin and John 'bomb Iran' McCain in charge during the recent crisis in Tehran) and for her own. See what you think:

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